Residential Preventive Maintenance


Once a year it's a good idea to have your garage doors and springs inspected, any worn parts replaced, and the garage door openers tested. Replacing critical operational and safety parts before they fail and checking the operation of your door plus the details that keep it operating safely, is a good practice. We often discover small, low-cost parts cause door failures and an investment in preventive maintenance can save injuries, damage and money.


Call us to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment with our installation/ repair experts. We'll do a thorough inspection using our detailed checklist to keep your doors operating as they should. 


Replacing your garage door springs in NOT a do-it-yourself job!

Websites and YouTube are full of helpful advice for almost any home-repair job. Even though you have lots of tools and are able to fix many things in your home, garage door spring replacement is only a job for well-trained professionals.


Why should you use professional installers?

  • Working with torsion springs can horribly injure, maim or even kill you. The tension required on your springs to lift the hundreds of pounds of garage door weight is lethal.

  • Working on a ladder with the weight of springs and  garage doors requires a lot of strength and excellent balance. It's easy to fall.

  • Purchasing the wrong kind of springs is a frequent mistake.

  • You probably do not have the right tools or equipment.

  • The amount of money you might save is less than the cost of a trip to the ER.


A well-trained technician knows what specific kind of replacement springs are needed, how to safely remove broken springs, add new ones and adjust the tension correctly and safely, using the right equipment. Professional spring installation allows your garage door to operate safely. Don't risk a do-it-yourself job. Your health or your life may depend on it.


Did You Know?
  • In an emergency when your garage door springs have broken and you can't open your door, we can clamp the springs so you can use the door until we return to replace your springs.
  • We can build and cut springs on-site and then install them.


  • A once a year check-up for your garage door includes an inspection, lubrication, adjustments and if repairs are needed, we provide a thorough recommendation.


  • We usually have any needed parts on our service truck so with your approval, we can address repairs while we are there.


  • The average life of a garage door motor is 10 - 12 years.


  • We must adhere to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 325 standards for garage door and gate motors, which requires photo eyes as an entrapment protection device. Therefore we are unable to service any motor without photo eye protection, or installed before 1992.


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