High Speed, Reliable, High-Cycle
Commercial Doors


Commercial, industrial, public safety and medical facilities require overhead doors that can address very specific kinds of performance. High speed, reliable, high-cycle doors that meet USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO standards are just the starting point. Wind load performance, energy efficiency and options for power, manual and emergency operation are requirements in many settings. 


Asheboro Garage Door (AGD) provides a large selection of overhead doors, with thorough preventive maintenance and excellent repair services for virtually any setting. 


Contact us with your requirements and we will find the right doors, specialty products and/or equipment to meet your specifications.

Commercial Door Styles
    Visualize the possibilities       for your commercial doors.
The Asheboro Garage
Door Experience
What to expect when Asheboro Garage Door repairs your commercial garage door: 
  • A quick response during our   business hours, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.
  • We address non-emergency 
    service tickets within 3 working days.

  • Well-trained/cross-trained installers/repair people who do
    a thorough job with excellent clean-up.

  • We strive to honor our appointment schedule and call when our truck is on the way.
  • AGD vehicles are clearly
    marked and equipped with
    the tools and parts needed

  • SAFEDOORPM is offered to
    all of our commercial garage
    door clients

Asheboro Garage Door offers SAFEDOORPM with all of its newly-installed commercial overhead doors

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Specialty Doors and Equipment

We have an incredible selection of resources to address almost any type of door or door equipment product or repair. Even if you do not know exactly what you need, please contact us, describe what you need to address and we will help find the right resource for you.


Some of the specialty doors, products and equipment we can offer are:

  • Dock equipment, seals and shelters

  • Break-away dock doors

  • Fire rated doors

  • Pass doors within larger doors

  • Chain link and screen security doors

  • Retractable screen doors for ventilation

  • Entry doors (hollow metal and storefront)

  • Air curtain doors

  • Fabric Doors for clean rooms 

  • Portable clean room enclosures

  • Doors for pharmaceutical, food and aseptic manufacturing

  • Quick-sealing, tight-sealing doors

  • Easy-to-clean doors for USDA hygienic standards

  • Fabric/plastic strip doors for commercial refrigerators and freezers

  • Doors with visibility panels

  • Door Openers

  • Gate Openers

Retractable Garage Door Screens
Fresh air ventilation with an open garage door is great but insects or too much sun can ruin the experience. AGD sells and installs custom retractable screens that cover an open garage door when you're ready for fresh breezes. Screens can be installed with a new or existing door and are offered with manual or motorized operation.
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